Steel casting and machining parts for rocker arm used in automotive

Short Description:

This is a part for refitting rocker arm of automobile. The part is produced by lost wax casting ( green wax). The surface roughness is Ra. 6.3.

Rocker arm is one of the automobile parts in internal combustion engine. When the camshaft cam acts on the arm, it pushes the intake or exhaust valves open.

The linear motion of the cam, the rocker arm of the motorcycle, and the radial motion of the lift valve are transmitted to the lift valve of the motorcycle.

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Product Name Material Application Casting tolerance Weight
5-1 Steel casting and machining parts for rocker arm used in automotive 2Cr13 Automotive  ISO 8062 CT5  0.25 kg


What is the purpose of the rocker arm?

The rocker arm (in the context of automotive, marine, motorcycle, and reciprocating aero engines) is a swing rod that transmits the radial motion of the cam lobe to the linear motion at the poppet to open the poppet.

How did the rocker arm break?

Weak valve spring or drooping spring will cause the rocker arm to be slapped by the cam when the cam convex angle rotates. There may be a stuck / warped stem, in which case the rocker can break daily if the valve decides to keep closed, the cam forces the rocker to open it.

Processing Steps

Drawing→ Mold → Wax injection→ wax tree assembling→ Shell moulding→ Dewax-buring→ pouring→ Shell removing→ Cuttiing-Griding→ Machining → Deburring  → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection→ Packing

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