Frequently Asked Questions

How to guarantee the delivery time required by customers?

In order to ensure timely delivery, the following measures are formulated:

1. Organizational measures

Implement specific tasks and responsibilities of progress control personnel at all levels. Conduct follow-up research and analysis, firmly grasp the initiative of production, timely check the causes and formulate remedial measures for those who have not completed the production plan. Strengthen plan management and establish regular production meeting. Implement the total production cycle, constantly check the implementation of each node process period against the plan, timely adjust and dynamically control to ensure the realization of the total planned construction period.

2. Technical measures

According to the delivery time control, work out the operation plan weekly. Check the implementation of the plan every day and adjust it in time. The maintenance and repair of equipment shall be continuously strengthened in use to ensure the integrity of the equipment, so as to ensure and improve the utilization rate of the equipment, so as to avoid the failure or shortage of mechanical equipment affecting the progress of the project. Strengthen the technical management, review the drawings before each process, and carry out detailed technical disclosure. In the production process, the quality of each process shall be tracked and checked. If any quality problem is found, it shall be rectified in time to avoid affecting the next process. Strengthen the quality management, strictly carry out quality control according to the quality assurance measures, ensure the quality of each process is qualified, and put an end to the delay of construction period caused by rework and shutdown caused by product quality.

5. Information management measures

In the process of production and installation, collect relevant data of actual progress, sort out statistics, compare with planned progress, and provide comparison report to customers regularly. Under its control, the weekly operation plan shall be prepared, the progress record shall be made, the progress statistical table shall be filled in, the relations among all aspects shall be coordinated, the measures shall be taken timely, flexibly, accurately and decisively, all kinds of contradictions shall be eliminated, all weak links shall be strengthened, the dynamic balance shall be realized, and the delivery target shall be guaranteed.

How to ensure the quality control of products?

1. "Three no" control method

The operator does not manufacture defective products; does not accept defective products; does not allow defective products to flow into the next process. All staff must set up the good quality concept of "the next process is the customer". Good quality starts from ourselves, starts from now, and completes the product at one time.

2. "Three inspection" test method

"Initial inspection" refers to the quality inspection of the products handed over by the producer after the completion of the previous process before subsequent processing, including the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials before processing; "self inspection" refers to the quality inspection of the products processed by the producer after the completion of processing, and the quality is strictly controlled by the producer; "special inspection" refers to the inspection by the department head and team leader Quality inspection personnel and factory leaders conduct quality inspection on finished products in the process of processing, mainly by random inspection. Quality is the foundation for an enterprise to settle down, and it is also the foundation of its development. Only in the elimination competition, can the enterprise win the considerable development of product quality.

How to deal with customer complaints?
After sending the inquiry, how long can the quotation be given?

We will quote to you within 3 workdays.

Delivery method? How to deliver? Where is the transportation from?

We have an advantage in delivery. It only takes 12 days for the railway from Chengdu to Europe. And we suport every transportation according to customers’ requirements.