Lost wax casting parts for meat grinder

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The blade is sharp, wear-resistant, long service life, good strength and toughness, no chipping, no rust, no pollution to meat products.

Meat grinder is a kind of kitchen appliance, which is used to finely chop and / or mix raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar food. For example, it replaces tools such as meat cutters, which are also used to produce minced meat and fillings.

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Product Name Material Application Casting tolerance Weight
2 Lost wax casting parts for meat grinder AISI 304 Food equipment ISO 8062 CT5 3.8 kg


How to clean meat grinder parts?

Apply mineral oil or food grade mineral oil on the parts of metal meat grinder. We recommend that you use spray bottle for easy use. Before using the meat grinder, spray the oiled area with a solution of 3.8 liters of water and a teaspoon of bleach. Rinse each part with clean water to remove bleach.

What should you do to prevent your meat grinder from blocking?

1. Remove the excess fat and bones from the meat.

2. Protect and maintain blades and plates.

3. Clean the blades thoroughly and allow time for drying.

4. Avoid overloading your meat grinder.

Why is minced meat blocked?

In most cases, clogging is caused by muscle, fat and some bones. So when your meat grinder is really blocked, you need to dismantle it correctly. It's not just clogging, but once you notice that your meat grinder is a bit dull, then it's time to clean it up.

Processing Steps

Drawing→ Mold → Wax injection→ wax tree assembling→ Shell moulding→ Dewax-buring→ pouring→ Shell removing→ Cuttiing-Griding→ Machining → Deburring  → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection→ Packing

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