Upscale hotel precision casting stainless steel floor drain

Short Description:

This is a floor drain for high-end hotels and factories. Its function and function is to remove water on the ground. It is produced by lost wax casting( green wax). The surface roughness is Ra 0.8.

The floor drain is a plumbing device installed on the floor of a building, and is mainly used to remove the accumulated water near the building. They are usually round, but also square or rectangular. They are usually between 2 and 12 inches (5.1 to 30.5 cm); most are 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. They have grilles made of metal or plastic. The ground around the drainage ditch is also sloped to allow water to flow into the drainage ditch. Many residential basements have one or more floor drains, usually near the water heater or washer/dryer. There are also floor drains in commercial basements, toilets, kitchens, refrigerator areas, changing rooms/shower rooms, laundry facilities, and near the swimming pool.

Product Detail

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Product Name Material Application Casting tolerance
4 Upscale hotel precision casting stainless steel floor drain AISI 316 Upscale hotel ISO 8062 CT6



A filter should always be fixed to the floor drain to prevent injuries, foreign objects, or harmful pests from entering the facility. However, if the filter is not smooth enough, hair and other objects will still get stuck inside and block the sewer.

Floor drain is a type of floor drain mainly used as an indirect waste receiver. It is usually deeper than a standard floor drain, and can have a complete or partial grille, or no grille as needed to accommodate indirect wastewater pipes. It usually has a dome filter at the bottom to prevent splashing back. The valve body material can be epoxy coating or enameled cast iron, stainless steel or PVC. Floor sinks are found in commercial kitchens and some hospital applications.

Processing Steps

Drawing→ Mold → Wax injection→ wax tree assembling→ Shell moulding→ Dewax-buring→ pouring→ Shell removing→ Cuttiing-Griding→ Machining → Deburring  → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection→ Packing

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