Investment casting and precision machining Equipment component

Short Description:

This is one kind equipment component which is produced by precision casting ( green wax). The surface roughness is Ra 6.3.

This is a part of a measuring tool, similar to that of a vernier caliper.

Product Detail

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Product Name Material Casting tolerance Weight
7-1 Stainless steel equipment component AISI 304 ISO 8062 CT5 50 g
7-2 Stainless steel equipment component made in China AISI 304  ISO 8062 CT5 70 g
7-3 Precision casting stainless steel equipment component AISI 304  ISO 8062 CT5 95g



This is one kind equipment component which is produced by precision casting ( green wax). The surface roughness is Ra 6.3.

Type of pipe clamp

As mentioned earlier, pipe clamps are used for various purposes, such as plumbing, electrical and cabinet engineering. There are also different types of pipe clamps, which serve different purposes. The following is.

  1. Adjustable

This pipe clamp uses aluminum, plastic or steel as its base material. As the name suggests, the pipe clamp is adjustable and can be used for different pipe sizes and diameters. The adjustable pipe clamp can be easily loosened or tightened according to the size and diameter of the pipe. Nevertheless, this clamp is low cost because it can be used for all pipe sizes.

  1. Cushioned

The buffer clamp has a buffer material to prevent material corrosion and other signs of damage. Generally recommended for non-insulated pipes. However, it can also be used for other pipes, such as plastic, metal, or wood.


These types of pipe clamps are usually made of steel or iron materials. It is also easy to lock and unlock, and is more suitable for fixed facility construction. Similarly, it is also used in the construction of milling machines.

4. Swivel crossover

This type of pipe clamp allows the pipe to be fully rotated and is more suitable for crossbar competitions. It is also commonly used in construction railings, racks and other similar structures, and can also be easily installed.

5. U bolt

It has four parts: two hex nuts, U-shaped bolts and saddle. It is usually used to fix a pair of pipes, usually made of aluminum or steel. It needs to be tightened during installation. U-bolt clamps can also support a lot of weight.

Processing Steps

Drawing→ Mold → Wax injection→ wax tree assembling→ Shell moulding→ Dewax-buring→ pouring→ Shell removing→ Cuttiing-Griding→ Machining → Deburring  → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection→ Packing

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