Lost wax casting Rotary diaphragm valve

Short Description:

This part is called a rotary diaphragm valve. And it is used for Chemical industry.

What is the function of diaphragm valve?

Diaphragm valve is a two-way on-off valve. They control fluid flow by adjusting the area of medium in and out of the valve, effectively changing the speed and speed of the valve.

Product Detail

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Product Name Material Dimension Application Casting tolerance Weight
1 (1) China rotary diaphragm valve factory AISI 304 100*120 mm Chemical Industry 0.01 mm 0.105 kg



What is the function of valve actuator?

Valve actuator is to open and close the valve. Manually operated valves require the presence of someone to adjust them using a direct or geared connection to the stem. First, the valve actuator is a control valve.

What is rotary control valve?

Rotate the control valve. Rotary control valve is a directional control valve driven by rotary motion. With high pressure and zero leakage performance, the valve is designed and manufactured to meet your requirements for superstructure and underwater applications.

What kind of material is used for diaphragm?

The control valve diaphragm is made of rubber, a material known as an "elastomer.". In addition to control valve diaphragms, elastomers are also used in valve seats and O-rings of control valves, regulators, temperature controllers, and most oil and gas control equipment.

Processing Steps

Drawing→ Mold → Wax injection→ wax tree assembling→ Shell moulding→ Dewax-buring→ pouring→ Shell removing→ Cuttiing-Griding→ Machining → Deburring  → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection→ Packing

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