Today, we have created a “miracle” in the history of ISYS!

The background is like this: the customer placed us a very urgent order for casting samples, and we solved the customer’s urgent needs in four days! ! Created a “miracle” in the history of ISYS casting!


These four days include mold making, blanks production and machining: 1.5 days to make mold, two days to produce blanks, and half a day to complete machining! As we know, to complete the casting blank + machining, it generally takes a cycle of 40-50 days. This is the difference between 4 days and 40 days!


Here, we give a great honor to our colleague Luo Qian who has continued to follow up on this matter for the past four days!


From the order was placed, Luo Qian followed up the whole process. He was involved in arranging technical craftsmanship and producing the samples by himself without workers in the foundry at night. He used special measures to shorten the time and complete it ahead of time, completing a seemingly impossible thing. This is an important event that can be included in the history of ISYS!

Through this amazing event, what we, ISYS, want to express is that we ISYS have the spirit of hard work and the perseverance to solve all problems for customers! Although our equipment may not be as good as others, and the technical team may not be as professional as others, we can win in speed and quality!


The speed of “Made in China” is famous all over the world, and ISYS has never forgotten our original intention and are inspired to move to the forefront of “Made in China”! Become one synonym with Made in China!


ISYS has always been doing every thing around the core value, adhering to the unique corporate culture that is in line with ISYS! Let the world re-understand Made in China!

Post time: Jul-21-2022