Ten benefits of precision casting

Precision casting technology is one of the most popular metal forming techniques in modern times. In this article, we’ll walk you through the many benefits of precision casting and find out why it’s often the first choice for manufacturers looking for high-precision, accurate, high-quality parts. This article will explore 10 advantages of precision casting and why you should choose precision casting over other processes.



Benefit 1: Castings of complex shapes can be produced

Precision casting offers exceptional design flexibility in that complex, precision parts can be cast into shapes close to the finished product. It offers almost unlimited degrees of freedom in investment casting materials. Extensive adaptability, not limited by casting size, thickness and shape complexity.

We can also cast symbolic features such as trademarks, names or numbers directly on the product. In addition, the complex logo of Rolls-Royce is also produced by the precision casting process.


Benefit 2: Can be produced from a variety of materials

Various materials can be used for precision casting. These materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, low carbon alloy steel, copper, aluminum, iron, cobalt, etc. Therefore, castings produced by the precision casting process can be used in various industries.


Benefit 3: Has a wide range of applications

Precision casting can be used in various industries. Mainly used in aerospace, power generation, firearms, automotive, military, commercial, food service, gas and oil, and energy industries. For example, the gun industry turned to cast parts for gun receivers, triggers, hammers and other precision parts. So it can be said that no matter what industry you are in, if your business can benefit from the advantages of precision castings and assemblies, they may be the perfect metal choice for all your projects.


Benefit 4: Tight tolerances

How precise do your dimensions need to be? Precision casting has tighter tolerances, enabling tight dimensional tolerances as low as + – 0.2mm, resulting in high-precision castings.


Benefit 5: Good surface finish

The precision casting process provides a more superior surface finish. The amount of secondary processing required and the associated time and costs are reduced. This is sometimes important to avoid machining or other finishing operations. And it can also cast complex words or logos on the outside of the product, reducing later laser marking and lettering.


Benefit 6: Speed ​​up production and reduce cycle time

Precision casting can reduce labor time and lead time because it greatly reduces the amount of processing after casting. At the same time, precision casting can deliver a large number of products within one delivery cycle, which is an advantage that helps customers compete in the market.


Benefit 7: Can be mass produced

The precision casting process can be used to produce both small and large batches of components. It offers very reliable technology and low cost repetitive operation.


Benefit 8: Competitive Manufacturing Costs

Compared to other processes, investment casting molds are much less expensive to set up, which keeps costs low. Not only that, but the near net shape of precision casting requires very little machining, which minimizes material waste and reduces energy, material consumption and tooling costs. The initial investment in product development is minimal. Therefore, the manufacturing cost is very competitive.


Benefit 9: Reduced casting defects, high yield

Precision casting can provide high-quality products and reduce casting defects. We can provide reliable process control with much lower scrap rates than sand casting.


Benefit 10: Wide range of sizes

Precision casting allows for large and small castings. Intricate micro parts can be cast 30g or less, as well as large parts weighing up to 50kg.

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Post time: Aug-11-2022