Give everyone a better understanding of ISYS’s Corporate Culture


Our Corporate mission

Promote the modernization of all mankind and the development of efficient production and life, and accelerate the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Let the world re-understand “Made in China”




Our Corporate vision

Become a well-known manufacturing enterprise in Sichuan Province.




Our Corporate values

Excellent service to customers,

create value for customers;

Let all employees have a sense of belonging, security, and feel the warmth of home.

Our business philosophy

Today is the future of yesterday, sort out the long-term vision, base on long-term development, and do well in the present.


Our Competitive Philosophy

Competition drives development and progress, not vicious competition.


Our team philosophy

Build the enterprise into an army-like execution, cohesion. Youthful innovation, dedication of party members, and family 




Post time: Jul-14-2022