Does the machine tool make you have a headache? Master teaches you these 3 tricks

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to make products in the machinery industry, the tolerance requirements are getting stricter, and the surface roughness requirements are getting higher and higher. What should I do if the machine tool shakes? Master teaches you a few tricks!

If the processing is like this:


The product is basically scrapped…

We often say that it is not difficult to solve the problem, but to analyze it correctly and find the right method. Therefore, the experience of shaking the knife taught us by the master is particularly important:


Three elements reconcile each other

The cooperation of fixtures, tools and programs determines the processing effect. For example, if an ultra-long tool is used, then our clamping must have better rigidity to compensate, and the program must be set accordingly for the long tool.

For example, if the overhang is too long during clamping:


Then it will really bounce:

In this case, we need a larger vise to support, and the most important thing is to ensure that the workpiece is placed in the center.

Prefer short tools

In the case of meeting the processing requirements, the shorter the tool set, the better. But don’t get caught in the blade!

Like the following, it is best to choose a short handle↓↓↓

There are also milling cutters with unequal distances, like this ↓↓↓

Can avoid resonance! ! !

More modern processing path

If the machining situation does not allow us to improve our own tools, for example, we must use long tools for deep cavity machining, then we have to use the modern tool path on the left of the following figure:

↓↓↓The effect is remarkable when processing↓↓↓