11 steps that must be understood in gear processing

Gear machining is an extremely complex process. Only through the use of the right technology can efficient production be possible. Every part of the production process must also reach extremely precise dimensions.
The gear processing cycle includes ordinary turning → hobbing → gear shaping → shaving → hard turning → gear grinding → honing → drilling → inner hole grinding → welding → measurement, which is configured for this process Appropriate clamping system is particularly important. Next, we will introduce gear clamping systems in various processes.
Ordinary car processing
In ordinary turning, gear blanks are usually clamped on a vertical or horizontal turning machine. For automatic clamping fixtures, most of them do not need to install auxiliary stabilizing devices on the other side of the spindle.

Because of its superior economy, gear hobbing is a cutting process used to produce external gears and cylindrical gears. Gear hobbing is widely used not only in the automotive industry, but also in the manufacture of large-scale industrial transmissions, but the premise is that it will not be restricted by the outer contour of the workpiece to be processed.
Gear shaping
Gear shaping is a process of machining gears, which is mainly used when gear hobbing is not possible. This processing method is mainly suitable for the processing of internal teeth of gears and the processing of external teeth of gears affected by structure.

Shaving processing
Gear shaving is a finishing process of gears, with a blade corresponding to the tooth profile of the gear when cutting. This process has high production economy, so it has been widely used in industry.
Hard turning
Hard turning makes it possible to replace expensive grinding processes. In order to make it work normally, the various parts of the system and the processing parts are connected together correspondingly. Choosing the right machine tools, fixtures, and cutting tools determines the quality of the turning effect.
Gear grinding
Nowadays, in order to successfully achieve the necessary precision in gear production, in many cases, the hard finishing of the tooth surface is indispensable. In mass production, a very economical and effective processing method. On the other hand, similar to sample processing, when using adjustable grinding tools, gear grinding will show greater flexibility.